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The Nutri Ninja Duo

Nutri Ninja Duo is the best technological invention ever to be realized in the food and drink industry. It has helped make splash and blending to be easy and more convenient as it comes with features that make blending easy and expedient. The blender helps to blend and extract nutrients from fruits and vegetables to come up with nutritious end product for better body immunity. Make sure you check out reputable nutri ninja duo reviews before you make your purchase.

The Nutri Ninja Duo is designed with special blades that are of great importance in crushing any type of ingredients put inside and come up with a smooth and nutritious product. It has two sets of blades, the first set totally crushes the ingredients in to small cubes. These set of blades break down large chunks of fruits and vegetables in to manageable sizes that can be effectively blended. The second set of blades breaks down all seeds and the remaining chunks of the fruits and vegetables to ensure no nutritious content are left.

The blender is powered with 1300 watts which is powerful enough to ensure it crushes any type of ingredient with ease. One should not worry about having to crush ice cubes or the hardest seed of some fruits as this power is sufficient enough to crush them in few minutes and make you enjoy all the nutrients and vitamins. It also comes with 72-ounce blender pitcher which allows one to make a substantial amount of juices at once.

With the auto-Iq technology featured in the blender, it lets its unique programmed feature do the work for you without any assumption or presumption. It has a timed pulsing, blending and pausing pattern and counts down the remaining time before it starts the programmed work. It also comes with a recipe and guide manual written by famous nutritionists to help you in preparing various recipes.

The Nutri Ninja Duo delivers indomitable proffetional power to enhance extraction of nutrients and vitamins which are tastier and nutritious. It is no doubt the best blender in the market currently.